BY Bob Westphal

      In 1956 a group of enthusiastic teenagers informally gathered their talent, or lack of it,

and sought to enlist themselves in the Junior Division of the new defunct Buffalo Municipal

Amateur Hockey League. Because it appeared that I could stand up on skates they asked me to

guide their destinies. Enthusiasm and persisitence were of neccessity becuase in a municipality,

baseball, football and basketball were the primary sports. Much hardship had to be endured to

participate in hockey, such as 4:00 a.m. jaunts on foot to desolate Fort Erie were commonplace.

      Under the improbable name of the Scorpions, these ertswhile neophytes finished a predited

last. In the following year, after much thought, wedecided to displace the name of the Scorpions

with that of the Regals, The Regal name was not borrowed, since we were interested in

perpetuating our own name and reputation. Historically in the fall of 1957, the birth of the

Regals Hockey Club took place.

      Our persistence paid off in the 1959-1960 season as we won the Junior Division title in

the league. Our growth closely paralleled the expansion of hockey interest in the area. In the

succeeding seasons we added teams in different age groups as interest grew. In 1965

the REgals Hockey Booster Club was chartered and became an integral part of our Club.

It's purpose was to aid in th efinancial fundraising part and the social functions of our Club.

       As the years went by we became consistent winners in the Buffalo Municipal Amateur

Hockey League. Probably the biggest milestone we reached is when we finally were able to

put our hockey program in a permanent home. In years past we were transient guests

of many southern Ontario rinks. In December 1973 we moved to our present home in

Holiday Twin Rinks. We became innovation in the area of amateur Hockey first creating

a "begginer hockey program (6 and 8 year old mites) first in this area to adapt the

minor-major concept modeling after the Canadian team structure, first to field an all

Girls team.

      The Regals have been active participants in all the leagues that have been in existence

in the area over the years. We have experienced many accomplishments including League

and State Championships, by virtue of winning State Championships the Regals have been to

National Tournaments to which we are humbly proud of. Currently we are considered one of

the strongest independent Hockey Clubs in the eastern United States and Canada.

     Our present organization encompasses a fun oriented begginer/cross-rink program,

a burgeoning instructionl house leage, as well as travel teams in the Major, Minor and

Tier II Divsions. Our Regals are members of the Empire West League, and of 6 organizations

designated as "A" Centers, representing the finest calibre in amateur hockey played in this area.     

     While our current program bears no semblance to what we had in the beginning our

characteristics and traditions have not changed. In essence we have the same persistence and

enthusiasm we had in the early days. We are extremely proud of everyone of all our players

from our 4 year olds enjoying their first year on skates to the skilled Midget players about

to embark on a college participation and education.


Updated 12/08/07