Thank you for considering our Buffalo Regals Youth Hockey Tournaments. 

We are a youth hockey organization dating back to our founding in 1954.  I myself have been actively involved in youth hockey and tournaments since 1972.  Our President, Mike Answeeney has been actively involved since 1981.

As youth organization leaders, we have been to hundreds of tournament across the USA and Canada and realize how unorganized and frustrating some of them can be. There is nothing worse than getting games at 7am followed by one at 10pm. Even worse is having that 10pm game and arriving to the rink only to find out that you are an hour behind.  That DOES NOT happen in a Buffalo Regals Tournament.

We pride ourselves on offering a great schedule to fit your individual team needs. We will work with you to fit your travel needs and special requests.  We are the only tournaments that I am aware of that give teams INPUT into their schedule.  We also pride ourselves on the variety of a schedule. There is nothing worse than coming from Toronto, Pittsburgh or Cleveland only to find out that you are playing teams in your own league.  We make every attempt to diversify our entries so that no more than 2 teams come from a close geographic area.  We also limit the number of teams and divisions so as not to jam a ridiculous number of games into tight time slots just to make more money.  We want to provide a quality experience for all of our teams.  We do our best to make sure that no game starts before 8am or after 9:00pm. We also work hard to make sure that teams have at least 4 hours between games on a single day and 12 hours difference on successive days. Our games are never late and most times begin a few minutes early.

Another area of pride is the quality of our staff.  When you come to one of our tournaments you will always find people on duty who can answer your questions. We are not like the cookie cutter tournament companies that think it is ok to have just a single person on duty to run the rink.  We pride ourselves on having a competent, qualified staff that is visible and available the entire tournament.  We are also one of the few tournaments that have an EMT on duty.

When building our divisions we keep in close communication with each of you.  We build a division around the "first" team to enter a division. After that, as we add teams we communicate with each team as to who has joined the division. This allows us to make sure that you are all totally comfortable with who is entered in your division.

We constantly communicate with all of you prior to and up to the start of the tournament via email. In addition we publish all of our rules and procedures on our website so there is never any uncertainty about what is going on. And of course, all of our tournaments are USA Hockey Sanctioned and approved.

Again, we thank you for considering Buffalo Regals Tournaments and welcome you to call on us anytime.

Peter Preteroti (Tournament Director)

Mike Answeeney (President)