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2019-2020 Buffalo Regals Girls 8U Elite Development Team

Season Outline and Information




TUESDAY, MARCH 26th @ 5:00 PM



Program Goals: Hockey development and personal development (camaraderie, teammates). This team is for players looking for additional ice time and player development beyond house league.

Prerequisites: Player must be in the Buffalo Regals organization (ex: Mini-Mite (6U) / Mite House (8U) league) to be considered for the Girls 8U Elite Development Team

Head Coach:               Tom Occhino (C: 804-651-2337)

Asst Coaches:             Crystal Brocato, TBD#1, TBD#2

Team Manager:          Joe Polniak (C: 315-323-3646)

Team Size:      Min of 12, Max of 18 girls, final roster to be determined by Coach Occhino

League:           Regals Mini-Mite (6U)/Mite House (8U) League

Tryouts:          Last weekend of March 2019

Summer:         Target 6 team practices (May, June, July – 1 each, August – 3, subject to change). Players are encouraged to skate as needed over the summer (weekly skates, camps, etc). Children are also encouraged to play another sport over the summer. 

Regular Season:

  • Mini-Mite/Mite Schedule (Saturday & Sunday mornings - 2 skates/week) – The team will be divided into 2 separate squads, one for the mini-mite division and one for the mite division.  The older (7 and 8 year olds) and more experienced girls will be in the Mite division.  The remainder of each team will be backfilled with boys from the same division.
    • Coach Occhino will oversee the Mite team practices and games
    • Coach TBD will oversee the Mini-mite team practices and games
  • Combined 8U Development Team Schedule
    • Target of 1 practice per week of the combined 8U Elite Development team
      • Coach Occhino will oversee the combined practices with other coaches assisting for an approximate TBD-1 player-to-coach ratio.
    • 6 dry-lands (TBD, Location TBD)
    • Once the other local teams begin their seasons we will seek to have scrimmages where the Regals House League permits