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Team Rutherford Overview
by posted 10/26/2019

This team will be a modified split-season team for several reasons. In this area, there are only a few full-season teams available (i.e. Junior Sabres, SCTA Regals), so it was decided to join the WNYAHL league which will guarantee split season games with other WNYAHL teams. In contrast to other teams, (that stop all ice time during high school season), we will continue with practice ice and will provide tournament/showcase opportunities. We thank everyone for their patience as we are trialing this type of 'modified' season for the first time. All lessons learned will be re-evaluated for next year's plan.  We believe we have four big advantages in making this a successful program. For one, Scott is a high-level hockey coach, book author, and trainer. He owns and operates "Properformance" offering a variety of clinics throughout the year. Every year, Scott will provide an overview of Division One Hockey program, the scouting process, as well as, practice content and goals, and player development outline. Pro Performance Hockey Club is an organization that trains area youth to play hockey. Specializing in the physical and mental development of the hockey player, Pro Performance Hockey is owned and operated by Scott Rutherford. Coach Rutherford is a USA Hockey Master Level Instructor and has worked with hundreds of hockey players at every level. Coach Rutherford has played hockey at a high level through college. He has been a Head Coach for area hockey teams since 2004 including Head Coaching duties for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres organization. He is also the creator of the book "The Hockey Practice Manual". He has developed many innovative drills and training methods to help area hockey players become the best they can be. Second, we also have "Proformance" dryland training at Northtown Center. This program is designed to make your son a stronger and better athlete. Proformance is able to diagnose, fix, and develop athletes. Proformance as a laboratory for sports science. They put each athlete through sets of highly controlled exercises that are designed to instill optimal form. Each exercise is carefully explained. Repetition under the watchful eyes of their trainers gives athletes the opportunity to fine tune each movement to perfection. This develops kinesthetic muscle memory so that, in actual game situations, peak performance is attained. Furthermore, the coaching staff know the importance of not only developing forwards and defense, but their goalies. Working with Janosz, whose Goaltending approach includes unique age and skill specific sessions and will develop each students mental, physical, and emotional skills in order to develop a balance of blocking and reacting saves. Lastly, part of this program includes a regular video review of their games. Coaches review offensive and defensive plays as the boys learn best when reviewing themselves on video. Objective review, self-assessment and constructive feedback while using critical thinking skills will further develop the players mentally. As we focus on player development and team cohesiveness, coach has numerous expectations from his players: - Keep working hard, be open to feedback, work on leadership skills and lead by example - Attend practices while maintaining your busy school schedule, learn time management skills - Strive for excellence in school, scouts look for good students, so keep up your grades - Support your team by being there for games even if injured or otherwise indisposed, this strengthens team connectedness

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